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“My name is Connie and I am almost 52 years old.  I started working with Lisette Sazama August of 2011.  I had moved here from Illinois and was doing cross fit classes when I began FIT.  I was considering joining a cross fit gym here but after a few workouts with Lisette I quickly changed my mind.

What I discovered with the workouts and Lisette was the variety, pleasant intensity and her knowledge about physiology as it pertained to my needs.  I found myself getting stronger quickly and my bad shoulder was benefitting from these exercises.

Last August I ran my first 5k and have since ran two more as well as a 10k.  The workouts I do with Lisette and our group has given me strong cross training to enjoy running and feeling good physically and mentally.  I actually look forward to our workouts!  I hope to continue working with her for a long time.”
– Connie Kinney

"Previous to Lisette, my workout experience had not been very effective and I found myself doing the same old thing without any drive. Lisette brings a tremendous amount of creativity, energy and experience to the workouts. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. The variety of exercise and the balanced approach she created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself. I am amazed at the time and care she puts in to ensure I do things correctly and get the most value from the exercise."
-Sam Peckton

"I have been training with Lisette for 3 years now and what separates her from any other trainer, other than her mad skills, is how much she genuinely cares about her clients. Over the past 3 years, Lisette has been my trainer and my friend and has cheered me on in my fitness achievements!  Lisette has seen me through the evolution of my fitness goals using her tools, her knowledge, and, most importantly, her unending understanding and support both physically and emotionally. She's an excellent trainer and an excellent person!"
– Maria

"Lisette is a real joy to work with and brings an enthusiasm with her that makes working out fun. I only started working out a few years ago and had a lot of weight to lose.  She helped me reach a greater level of fitness then I ever thought I could get to.  She can make what used to be a dreaded process actually stimulating and enjoyable. She can always tell me how an exercise is working for me, and explains the process in simple terms so I can concentrate on how to perform it without being confused. Lisette has an engaging personality that makes you want to work hard and push yourself past what you thought you could do. Of course, it is hard work, but Lisette makes you want to achieve your goals through constant encouragement and tips.  I have seen results in a short period and for the first time in a very long time, can see my goals as something I can realistically achieve. She has a wonderful personality and always brings a smile with her. I never feel rushed with her and she makes me feel as if I am her only client. She is organized and moves the sessions along at a good pace without having to pause and think of what to do next. I feel as though Lisette has thought and planned the workout for me each time I am with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisette to anyone looking to start a program or gain more knowledge as to what they are doing.  The only thing I regret is not calling Lisette sooner!"
– Michael

"I am a stay at home mom with two children. I do not like to exercise, but realized that I needed to lose the baby weight. I loved the convenience of working out in my home. Lisette's varied workouts kept things fun. She helped me to shed inches from my waistline with her amazing core work and creative movements. I lost 8 lbs in only 12 sessions…and I did not even have to pay for childcare! She worked me hard and I got quick results which was just what I was looking for! She is fun to be around and designed the workout around my goals."
– Jennifer Young

"I would highly recommend Lisette for personal training. It was such a treat to work with her.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to the field was tremendous. She took care to work with me and was extremely sensitive to the fact that I had hip pain.  She gave me excellent suggestions on how to work around my injury and gain strength to help alleviate the pain.  Lisette is a true professional and truly takes the time to listen and respond to your needs. She loves her work and it shows."
– Christi Ruffin

"I was determined already to fight the aging process, but working out with Lisette took me to a whole new level.  She presented a wide variety of movements with very basic equipment that provided a total body workout including sustained cardio. I lost 2% body fat and gained 10-15% in strength in six weeks. I had other trainers before, but her combination of exercises, motivation and knowledge (not to mention the convenience of coming to my home) has me totally recommitted to regular, hearty workouts!  This was not a "magic pill;" it took commitment and Lisette to get me there."
– Emily Smith



“In my adult life, I have always participated in a regular exercise routine. This is an essential part of my life. I've been a member of health clubs, the YMCA, I've worked out independently, with trainers one-on-one and in group settings. Of all the programs I've followed and the instructors I've worked with, Lisette Sazama far outshines them all.  I've worked with Lisette for over 3 years. I've driven 45 minutes one way at 5am to attend her sessions because they are so outstanding. Because of her training, I have more strength, endurance and muscle tone than ever before.  

The key difference between Lisette and all other instructors or trainers I've worked with is two-fold: First, she has extensive education on every part of the human body. She understands how all the systems work together, how to achieve maximum results, and how to avoid and heal injuries. Second, she also has an uncanny ability to conduct a group Bootcamp with a variety of individual abilities so that everyone gets an optimal workout. She is able to ensure that every individual gets a workout that meets their individual needs.

In addition to her exceptional training leadership, Lisette also creates a unique environment where participants in her group sessions develop strong bonds that go beyond just the few hours a weeks spent together. There's a healthy degree of competition, support and some amazing friendships that result.

I highly recommend Lisette to design and lead individual and group programs. Participants will receive the highest quality training possible and experience personal gains they never imagined.”
– Susan Bernstein

“I would strongly recommend Lisette to anyone who is seeking a trainer who will motivate him or her to achieve their highest potential. I have worked with her for nearly two years now. She is, by far, the most well-rounded, knowledgeable professional you will ever meet. Her life-long experience as a gymnast, her education and extensive on-the-job training have given her a unique ability to assess every individual's needs and design an effective, customized program to deliver results. She is very knowledgeable of anatomy - how the body works, how it recovers from injury. Each time I've struggled, she has come up with an outstanding solution. Her workouts never seem to repeat. She keeps it fresh and challenging. In summary, you won't be disappointed if you work with Lisette. You'll keep coming back for more!”
– Jessica

“I have more than 15 years under my belt with cardio, working out, weight training, and physical exercise. In fact, I was in the military and graduated from boot camp. I have to say that Lisette's leadership during boot camp classes pushed me beyond any limits I had previously set for myself (or had set by others). Lisette is a great instructor that will take you beyond your "comfort zone" of physical training. I would highly recommend you try out Lisette's boot camps and personal training if you are looking to take your workouts to the next level!”
– Brian Foley, CAPM, ITIL

“I've received personal training services from Lisette for more than three years now.  I learned about Lisette through LinkedIn and was very impressed with her credentials.  I had been getting personal training from another less credentialed trainer, and was struggling with frequent injuries and inconsistent sessions.

I am dedicated to my workouts and have tried both group and personal training and found neither helped me reach my lifestyle and health goals.  Lisette offers me the ability to workout injury free and at a very affordable cost.  Since I've been working out with Lisette my knee pain, back pain and trap pain have been alleviated.  Lisette met me right where I was and helped me make steady progress and today I am strong and healthy!!

Lisette partners with my chiropractor, my nutritionist and my Pilates trainer to ensure her work with me doesn't counter balance any prescribed programs or work I'm doing with them.  Lisette is passionate about her work, stays on top of the research and new training techniques, and continues to bring high value health benefit to me.

I highly recommend Lisette's services to anyone who may have exercise or movement challenges and wants to get beyond those challenges and start living a fuller, healthier lifestyle.  Lisette is excellent and is flexible adjusting to your body's needs.  Lisette is a true professional who has given me the ability to move and live at my highest potential.”
– Dawn Rennick

“After having heart surgery for a birth defect, I attended Cardiac Rehab at North East Medical Center. I wanted to continue training with a professional who could provide the guidance to help me achieve the best physical condition possible. Lisette was recommended to me by one of the advisors. She developed a schedule for me personally that included cardio, strength/toning and nutrition. After 18 months under her guidance, I had not only lost 30 lbs but I’m in the best physical condition I’ve even been in. I would highly recommend Lisette as a personal trainer for anyone who wants personal attention to achieve their physical fitness goals”.
– Vicky

"First in Training FIT has helped me change my life.  I moved to Charlotte three years ago and was at my highest weight ever.  After about eight months I decided to do something about it.  I started watching what I ate and walking.  I've never been a big exercise person so walking seemed easy enough.  After losing about 30 pounds a friend told me about Lisette's classes.  

I joined the group in my neighborhood.  I thought I would die during some of those first few classes!  Lisette pushes you to do your best.  It is the motivation I needed.  I have been doing the classes non stop for over two years now and still have never had one class exactly like another.  I love the variety; cardio, weights, boxing, floor work and even games. There are still days I think I might die and some mornings I wake up sore, but it is worth it.  I have lost over fifty pounds total and ran my very first 5K this spring.  I don't think any of that would have been possible without FIT, Lisette and the great group of girls I have met."
– Susan Babrowski, Fitter for Life!!

“I am a 40 year old mother of two young children.  During the pregnancy and next few years I lost my focus on my health and wellbeing.  I became overweight and less energetic.  I lost a good amount of weight with diet and slowly began to feel like my old self but I eventually found that dieting alone was not enough.  I have previously exercised routinely but not in the last 8 years.  I made a commitment to myself that I would make routine exercise a part of my life again.  As part of that commitment I wanted to hire a personal trainer to help me with my goals.  I was looking for more than the "personal trainers"  at the local gyms.  I wanted someone with exercise physiology training and knowledge. 

FIT and Lisette are the perfect fit for me.  Lisette is a registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (I think that's what RCEP stands for), she has experience and comes to your home.  Her personality is very easy going and not intimidating initially.  Once she gets to know you and your limits she is not shy about pushing and motivating you to reach the next level.  She always remains very professional but she is also caring and is interested in me and my life as a person. 

The exercise routines and techniques she uses are varied and I am never bored.  She always keeps me motivated and encouraged.  I am often sore the next day and now I'm at a point where I look forward to being a little sore.  Lisette also lives what she preaches.  She herself is fit and lives a healthy lifestyle.  So it’s nice to have her as a role model.

I have worked with Lisette for the last 8 months.  She has helped me tremendously in reaching my goals.  I can honestly say that exercise is now once again a routine part of my life.  I have not yet achieved all of my goals but this was the most important.  I don't dread exercising, it’s just another component of my day.  I am so much stronger than when I started.  My energy level is significantly improved and most importantly by changing my lifestyle after 6 months my husband has also started to exercise. 
I have tried to make this commitment before in the last 2 years and I would always do well initially but then get discouraged and give up.  I truly believe working with Lisette is what made the difference this time.  She can attest that I had a few setbacks initially but with both of our commitments to each other we got through it.  Thank you Lisette!”

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