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Which FIT Camp is Right for You?

FIT Bootcamp Basics: A great place to start! A combo of resistance and cardio work to get your body back into shape.
FIT Bootcamp: A high-energy fitness class with both group and individual activities to bring your fitness to the next level and help you reach your goals.
Monkeys in Tow: For moms and dads who want to work out but can never find the time. Forget finding a babysitter, bring them to your workout with you!
FIT Overachievers: Make it HURT, make it BURN! Feeling your muscles working makes you feel alive!
FIT Cardio Cravers: Want to work out but don't really like or want too much of the weightlifting business? This class does minimal resistance exercises with a focus on your cardio fitness.
Monkeys and Junior Campers: Camps for the smaller ones – playing games, active activities and learning how exercise can be FUN!

Cost Options and Sign Up

Please contact FIT for pricing to set up a new group

Current FITCamps

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Cox Mill Elementary, Weddington Hills Elementary
Neighborhood FITcamps

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Neighborhood/Group FIT Camps