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Much more than just a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Lisette Sazama is an exercise health professional.


What does that mean?


Lisette is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP) holding a master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.  Exercise Physiologists are health professionals specializing in the use of exercise therapy to improve health.


How can she help me?


Lisette designs exercise programs that can reduce or eliminate chronic pain so you get back doing the things you love to do.


Lisette creates individualized programs targeted for sports and fitness performance for all ages (including youth) to reduce your chance for injury and meet your athletic performance goals.


Exercise is a medical treatment for diabetes, cardiac or lung disease and other chronic conditions just like surgery or prescription drugs. Lisette builds customized exercise prescriptions that will minimize or eliminate the need for surgery or drugs.


If you're just looking for the best personal trainer in Charlotte, compare her credentials to the others.  Look up what those letters actually mean.  Then read what Lisette's clients are saying.


Busy?  Lisette offers in-home training!

Exercise physiology is a relatively new field resulting from the overwhelming evidence supporting the role of exercise on your internal health and its ability to reduce risk, prevent and even heal many health conditions. But just as you wouldn't have the clerk at the corner drug store prescribe your drug treatments, you should be aware that the typical personal trainer is not a health care professional. A badly designed exercise program can do more damage than good, just as any health treatment needs to be right for you.




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